Interpreting the past for the present

Tips for short-term wilderness survival

In the Southeast, most people who become lost are often day hikers or hunters who fully expect to sleep in their own bed (or at least in their own sleeping bag) that night. But a turn onto the wrong trail or an extra twenty minutes of late afternoon hunting can result in an unexpected overnight stay. Although I don’t carry a “survival kit” as such, there are a few inexpensive yet essential items I seldom venture far from home without. Among these are:

Practice your skills and become familiar with your gear before you need them, so you know what to expect! When the time comes to use them, it is too late to learn them. Also, knowing “primitive” skills such as flintknapping, fire-making by friction, and cordage are excellent insurance against the failure or depletion of items in your kit, but nothing beats old-fashioned preparedness.

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