Interpreting the past for the present

Tools You May Need

Or, Welcome to the Iron Age

There are a few essential tools with which every outdoor enthusiast should be familiar. Scott has prepared a nine-page Acrobat PDF discussing acquiring and making the essentials.
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Some Simple Knots

Scott has prepared an Acrobat PDF one-sheet detailing eight simple knots that have all kinds of utility outdoors.
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The Graham Creek (9GO32) Paleoindian Inventory Report

In 1979, Mr. Lee Thomas surface collected 86 probable Paleoindian bifaces and tools from a plowed field near the Oostanaula River in Gordon County, Georgia. Known as the Graham Creek (9GO32) site, it was initially assigned a Woodland period date.

In 2013 Mr. Thomas contacted David Anderson (PIDBA, Paleoindian Database of the Americas) for assistance with the collection, who referred him to Jerald Ledbetter. This resulted in a collaboration between Lee Thomas, Jerald Ledbetter, and Scott Jones in which the bifaces and tools were subjected to critical examination by the senior and junior authors of this report. Based on the analysis, the authors have concluded that they are Paleoindian in age, although they are not "classic Clovis" in form. Made mainly from two distinctive non-local raw materials, the bifaces and tools are heavily curated and reworked.

The large number of bifaces from 9GO32 suggests that this is a regionally significant Paleoindian site. As publication options were considered, the authors determined that the inventory report could best be utilized by making it available on the internet. This inventory report and high resolution images of the artifacts is available for download here. (Caution, this Acrobat PDF file is a large download—71.3 MB in size.)