Media Activities

Interpreting the past for the present

Bringing ancient understandings of the natural world to the 21st century.

The activities listed below are just a sampling of what is available from Media Prehistoria. Most activities can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of age levels and group sizes as class topics or demonstrations:

  • Stone tools and flintknapping
  • Fire making by friction
  • Native fiber cordage
  • Ancient weapons (emphasizing atlatl)
  • Primitive process for bone, antler, shell and wood
  • Containers: Baskets, bark, ceramic and gourds
  • Natural adhesives and hafting
  • Using wild plants
  • Brain–tanning Buckskin
  • Wilderness shelter
  • Reconstructing prehistoric shelters
  • Pioneer woodcraft
  • Natural history and environment of the Southeast focusing on geology and botany.
  • 12,000 Years in 45 Minutes is Scott’s unique youth presentation about Southeastern prehistory. Click here for more information on this program.