Interpreting the past for the present

Studying ancient technologies can yield insights into our modern world.

The significance of past events in our collective history is often obscured by the technical success of the present generation. As we peer into the remoteness of prehistory, the achievements of our Stone Age ancestors recede into the seemingly irretrievable depths of dreamtime, tempting our imagination with mute artifacts of stone, bone, clay, and, rarely, wood and fiber. As our technology isolates us from the environment we risk losing site of man’s role in the natural world. By learning about and practicing ancient technologies we can begin to reclaim our place in the natural world.

Media Prehistoria is dedicated to exploring, rediscovering and educating the public about early technology and lifeways. Hands-on classes and instruction provide first-hand experience, while interpretive demonstrations provide a unique view into the past for youth and adults alike.

Click here to access large color images from Scott's book Postcards to the Past (ordering information is on the left side of this page.)

Workshops at the Woods are a series of one-day Saturday workshops covering a variety of topics, ranging from stone-age technologies to traditional woodcraft and wilderness skills. Details are here.

Click here to see Scott discuss flintknapping techniques in a video.

Check out three PDF downloads: 'The Graham Creek (9GO32) Paleoindian Inventory Report', 'Tools You May Need, or, Welcome to the Iron Age' and 'Some Simple Knots.'

12,000 Years in 45 Minutes is Scott’s unique youth presentation about Southeastern prehistory. Click here for more information on this program.